Remachadora Eléctrica
Remachadora Eléctrica

Operating Instructions, FAQ

Importante Leer las Condiciones de Uso/ Important Read User Conditions
Importante Leer las Condiciones de Uso y mantenimiento todos los modelos de RiveDrill / Important Read User and Maintenance Conditions all models RiveDrill
2017 Uso y Mant ES EN.pdf
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How RiveDrill Works? (please read the instruction)

You install in a drill as a drill bit. Holding with your hand ,turning to the right, set the rivet. Turning to the left, expel the mandrel.


 How do you change the nosepiece? 

You have to chose the correct nosepiece depending on the diameter of the rivet you are going to use. The nosepiece has a grave indicating the diameter 3, 4 or 5. It use to have on it 4 mm. If you need to change it. You have to install in the drill. Turn to the right to open the hole control, and change the nosepiece with a key of 8mm.


What is the hole Control? 

It is a hole that indicates if the unit is ready to start. It must be totaly closed. And you have to hear clac, clac.  


What happen If you cannot introduce the mandrel of the rivet?

a) Check the holde control, must be totaly closed.

b) Check if there is a mandrel inside.

c) Check if there are a broken jaw/s



After setting first rivet. Expel de mandrel.  How to expell the mandrel? 

To expel the mandrel you have to turn to the left and always hold the unit with your hand, incline to expel the mandrel by gravity, and it is ready for next rivet. 


Which model is better? 

Each model has a run and each capability for rivets indicating in ist user manual.  To select your model see. 


RiveDrill E95H. - RiveDrill HP professional. - NutDrill ND

On this site you can watch tutorial on next page.  Also find manual in PDF format to download and view in full screen on your PC. You can order spare parts for each tool using the corresponding codes in Spare parts. For other inquiries please use the Contact section.