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NutDrill ND / ND2

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NutDrill ND Operating instructions

Installing NutDrill in a drill (any brand)

A) Insert the shaft (1) into the holder bits. As a drill bit. A1) Select the mandrel and mouth and screw. Attention threads left.

B) Tighten the drill holder B1) Attention. Select the minimum speed of rotation of the borer and the minimum torque. Experiencing movement by rotating the drill chuck to the right and to the left, checking in and out as the mandrel, avoiding late hit on tour. To operate the drill at this slow speed and hold the hand NutDrill with little force to let rotate the end of its travel. The first air rivet nuts increasing the torque of the drill to achieve the desired rivet (nut folding depends on its material and dimensions). Select the required torque, proving Ascending as the approximate values ​​of the table (1). Avoid hitting the ends of the end of the tour.

NutDrill. Instructions use

Fig. núm

Drill. Right or Left

NutDrill. Hold or Release

Effect achieved …

Special attention ...



Hold slightly
  and drop at the end of tour

Remove the mandrel completely

Do not hit the
  end of the tour



Drop NutDrill,
  free to rotate

Screw the nut completely

The mandrel
  must be screwed down



Hold NutDrill strongly.

Riveting nut
  until you hear the sound of the drill clutch

Stop the drill
  immediately sound the clutch.



Hold NutDrill an instant.

Releasing the
  pressure between the mandrel and nut

  NutDrill hand immediately to start unscrewing



  NutDrill free to rotate


Stop the drill


Important tip (**)

Avoid hitting the end of travel in and out of the chuck. To stop this drill before each travel end and hold the "NutDrill" only slightly, with little strength, to let rotate freely when the end of the route. Misuse may void the warranty.