Remachadora Eléctrica
Remachadora Eléctrica

Also manual operation if the battery is discharged.

Riveting tool RiveDrill can be used by applying a wrench on its axis.

All RiveDrill riveters can be operated manually with a key on its axis. So if your battery dies you can always finish riveting manualy.

Values (F) as indicated in the characteristics of each model are only indicative since the force (F) is a function of the strength of the operator's hand.

You can riveting any thickness (X). Maximum working stroke (Z).

Riveting tool You can riveting any thickness. Avoid larger stroke than necessary.

You can riveting any thickness (X) with rivets too length, but the blind rivet working stroke (Z) must not be larger than pointing your model RiveDrill in their characteristics. If you're using "peel" rivets or using rivets longer than necessary so, use RiveDrill value of (Z) larger

than 20 mm.

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The riveter RiveDrill is used in applications as  ...

Metal sheet working. Aluminum frames. Mecanic ingenearing. Lock and hinges-. Computers and equipments. Manufacture of engines and generators. Manufacture of  appliances. Manufacture of lifting and handling. Equipment and installation of ventilation and cooling. Machinery for metallurgy. Automotive. Bodywork. Manufacture of trailers. Manufacture of caravans. Shipbuilding. Swimming pool enclosures. Roofs of industrial buildings. Building of ships and floating structures. Drones. Building of pleasure and sporting boats. Aircraft and spacecraft. Motorcycles. Manufacture of vehicles for the disabled. Manufacture of office furniture and commercial establishments. Manufacture of kitchen furniture. Manufacture of games and toys. Repair of fabricated metal products. Repair and ship maintenance. Repair and maintenance aeronautics and space. Installation of industrial machinery and equipment. Installation of Aluminum. Roofing and roofing. Manufacture of food stalls. Repair of computers and peripheral equipment. Repair of communication equipment. Repair of electronic audio and video equipment household. Repair of household appliances and equipment for house and garden. Repair of furniture and home furnishings.

RiveDrill to build and repair trailers.
Riveters adapters for drill in aluminum structures.
Tacking drill RiveDrill in cycling.
Tacking drill on the transport of horses.
Tacking drill RiveDrill to cover pools.
Drill riveting automotive.
Riveting drill to make caravans.
RiveDrill in shipbuilding.
Drill riveting in aircraft construction.
Tacking drill RiveDrill to manufacture trucks.
Riveting RiveDrill construction drones.
Tacking drill to install air conditioning.
Attached to the drill to model airplanes.
RiveDrill building greenhouses.
Riveting drill in building roadside assistance.
RiveDrill, riveting effortlessly, using the drilling machine in the roofing.
RiveDrill, riveting effortlessly, using the drilling machine in the manufacture of refrigerated trucks.

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