Remachadora Eléctrica
Remachadora Eléctrica
Riveter for drill, riveter Riveter or rivetting tool

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Tutorial videos How RiveDrill works


Electric Riveter attachment Rivetting tool, riveter

What is RiveDrill?

RiveDrill is a riveter, is our trade brand for attachemt for rivets. Riveter for drilling machine was invented and patented by Andrés Perez  Aniento. They are riveter adaptors to install as  a drill bit to set blind rivets. RiveDrill Riveter transforms the turning power  of the drilling machine in strength power to set blind rivets. Avoid vibrations in the hands and arm of the operator, when is using a manual riveting tool. RiveDrill avoid the effort you have to do when you set a rivet and It works with one action unlike the manual riveting tools that use to need more accions to break the rivet. Some models of Riveter RiveDrill have an exclusive telescopic hand protector that cover the turning chuck of the drilling machine, for buying clcik here  ensuring more security to the user. If you can not play this flash video on your mobile device, click here.

The riveter to install in any battery (cordless) drill call RiveDrill is as easy to Use as a drill bit. Turning to the right, set the rivet, And turning to the left, expell the mandrel. There are different models for professional use, or for DIY. RiveDrill riveter, pretend to avoide the effort of the rivet guns or riveting tools. For buying please click here


(PDF) Smart riveter for drilling machine. Catalog 2017

Catalog (PDF) of riveting machines, Riveting machines for use with drilling machines, Greeting, Smart riveter for drilling machine, How the riveting machines for drilling machine work, Working stroke drilling machine work, Power and Speed drilling machine work, Which one?, Old or modern, Riveting cicle drilling machine work, RiveDrill HP professional, RiveDrill E95H. 20 and 28, RiveDRill DIY, NutDrill for what, NutDrill how it works, Professional NutDrill and DIY, NutDrill step by step, All models drilling machine work , Packaging and weights, User conditions, In more than 60 countries, Patented in USA and more,


(PDF) Instructions for Use and Maintenance

RiveDrill User Manual. NutDrill, NutDrill User Manual, Maintenance, Spare Parts, Tips and Conditions of use of RiveDrill riveting machines for drilling machines,

Riveter for drill Remachadoras/ Riveteres

(PDF) Smart riveter for drilling machine. Operation of the RiveDrill

Like a drill, Up to 1000 kg., Pair of cliever twist, Initial position, Turning to the right the drilling machine set the rivet, Final position, Turning to the left the drilling machine expel the broken mandrel, Exoulsión


(PDF) Smart RiveDrill product sheets

Technical characteristics, power, travel, external measurements, weights and materials.


Riveter for drill. Catalogue pictures.

RiveDrill is manufacture in Spain under strict quality controls and assurance 

Riveters for drilling machine

Hand riveter for drill Riveters attachment models

Thirty images of riveting tool for drilling machine

Riveting tool for drilling machine. Suggestions and utilities.


Advantages of the RiveDrill, Riveters for drilling machine or Adaptor Riveters for drill.

Attachment riveter RiveDrill, is installing as a drill bit in any make of drilling machine 12 V or more and its Specifications are:

  1.  Avoid physical strain on the operator by 70 to 90%
  2.  Avoid vibrations that produce the manual riveting tools when the shank of the rivet and rivet breaks abruptly producing a clamp in the finger´s operator in rivet gun. See Video
  3. They do not need; cables, compressed air hoses or compressors. RiveDrill is substituing the manual riveting toolf from 75 years ago. 
  4. They can be used in the plant or outside it. Using just the battery of the drilling machine where the RiveDrill is instaling as a drill bit. Do you know that the manual riveting tools already have 75 years old
  5. You can also use manualy in the drilling machine is descharge the batery, just only turning the drive shank with a key. 
  6. Always riveted on a single drive, not as riveting manual that often need two drives.
  7. They have run of work from 10 mm to 30 mm. That permit to use the model of RiveDrill more apropiete to the operator work. So the models of RiveDrill with a run (Z) of 28 to 30mm can be used with peel rivets, structurals , etc. 
  8. RiveDrill riveter is easy to use, you install as a drill bit in the chuck 
  9. Weighing less than 400 grams.
  10. There are very cheap models for use in DIY.
  11. There are models for blind rivets and for nut inserts.
  12. RiveDrill is manuafacture under strict quality control and They have warranty.
  13. You can puchase spare parts online or by your distributor. 
  14. RiveDrill riveter is available to supply in any country.  
  15. If you wish to know your closer distributor ,click aquí.
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RiveDrill Features 

RiveDrill High Power

Capacity rivets until resistance 5500 Nw . 

Working Stroke (Z) 30 mm.

Up to 6,4 diameter of steel blind rivets. 4 nosepieces included.

Attachment for Nut Insert Riveted for drill, for nut, NutDrill ND

Capacity nut inserts until M-8

Working Stroke (Z) 9 mm.

Up to steel nut inserts M8. 5 sets of  mandrels and guides included.

RiveDrill E95H.28

Capacity rivets until resistance  2800 Nw

 Working Stroke (Z) 28 mm.

Up to 4,8 mm steel blind rivets . 3 nosepieces Included.

Attachment for Nut Insert NutDrill E95H.ND2

Capacity  Nut inserts until M-8 

 Working Stroke (Z) 9 mm.

Up to M-8 Steel nut inserts 5 sets of mandrels and guides included.

RiveDrill E95H.20

Capacity rivets resistance until 2600 Nw.

Working Stroke (Z) 20 mm.

Up to 4,8 mm steel blind rivets.  3 nosepieces Included 

Attachment riveter Riveter for drill, E10 for D.I.Y.

Capacity until rivets resistance 1800 Nw.

Working Stroke (Z) 10 mm. Bricolaje 

Up to 4,8 mm aluminum blind rivets. 3 nosepieces included. D.I.Y. use 

Attachment riveter Riveter for drill E95H

Capacity rivets resistance until 2600 Nw.  

Working Stroke (Z) 10 mm

Up to 4,8 mm aluminum blind rivets. 3 nosepieces included.

Attachment riveter Riveter for drill, R98 for D.I.Y.

Capacity only soft  4 mm rivets 

Working Stroke (Z) 10 mm. Bricolaje

Up to 4,0 mm aluminum blind rivets. Included one nosepiece no desmontable. Only D.I.Y. use.

It should start well. Unites riveting with RiveDrill. Unity increases power !RiveDrill unites forever! 

Riveters To set blind rivets and nut inserts

Models to set blind rivets or models to set nut inserts

Riveters RiveDrill has a hand protector

A telescopic hand protector that covers the turning parts of the drilling machine.


Riveters Six riveting RiveDrill for professional use

Six models RiveDrill for professional use

Riveting tool Low cost models for DIY

Low cost models of RiveDrill to make small works at home. 

How RiveDrill works. Videos.

RiveDrill E95H 

RiveDrill HP 

English, Español.

NutDrill ND / ND2

English, Español, Deutsch.

Operating Instructions.

RiveDrill RD98, E10, E95H, E95H.20, E95H.28

English, Español, Deutsch, French,ItalianPусский.

RiveDrill HP 

English, Español, Deutsch, French,ItalianPусский.

NutDrill ND / Nutdrill E95H.ND2

English, Español, Deutsch, French,ItalianPусский.

Spare parts. Maintenance.

RiveDrill:  Security, Freedom and Happiness.

Unity increases power 

RiveDrill unites forever

RiveDrill brings more security without vibration. More freedom wireless or bondage. More happiness without physical effort from the operator.

You install as a drill bit

The same drilling machine you use to make the hole, you will use to set the blind rivet.

Attachment for drillining machine Remachadoras RiveDrill

In Maquinas Andrea we work to offer, more security without vibrations, more freedom without cables and more happiness without effort.

Since 1966 Maquinas Andrea manufacture manual riveting tools to join riveting. More than 20 models until  Andrés P. Aniento invented RiveDrill. You use RiveDrill to work without effort .

RiveDrill is an attachment that you install as a drill bit in any make of drilling machine to set blind rivets. 



RiveDrill Manual riveting tools. 

Rosie The Riveter

The join can be the beginning of important events.

The Cosmos is the union of elementary particles. Life is sexual union. Writing letters is to join words, Music is to join sounds. The painting is to join colors. The Cuisine is union of flavors. Perfumes are the union of fragrances. Since the beginning of time humans have made connections; Tying, sewing, weaving, gluing, stapling, buttoning, by clamping, nailing, screwing, welding, combining, mixing, blending, ionizing, alloying or riveting.  "Rosie the Riveter" or the Eiffel Tower are icons proof that "Unity is Strength". To manufacture, to built or to create, is to unit. Human beings live together through communication networks such as the Internet communication such as electricity, gas, petrochemical,  or transport and are grouped in large communities looking for more security, more freedom and happiness.

The Cosmos

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Eiffel Tower